There are several settings that can be changed in order to customise your BidJS instance. This settings must be applied by Support so please get in touch with us on [email protected].

Here is a list of optional extras that can be activated:

1. **V3 ONLY - Not available in V4** Use Gallery Views for Calendar - this is on by default. Turning this setting off defaults the view to Listing, as shown below.

List view:

Gallery view:

2. **V3 ONLY - Not available in V4** Use Gallery View for Bidding - as above, this setting changes whether the bidding pages default to Gallery or Listing view.

3. Show Auction Logo on Landing Pages - this setting allows you to upload a logo during auction creation that will display on the auction calendar, as follows:

It also appears in the Essential Information pop-up:

4. Default External Client Ref Prefix - this allows you to add an external reference to users when they create accounts. This is invisible to users and should only be used for internal reference only. This appears next to their username in the user list and bid table, etc.

7. Account Activation via Admin Only - if checked, new users will not receive an activation email and must be manually activated by an admin.

8. Request VAT Number - an extra field will be added to the account creation field allowing you to collect VAT info from users. This can also be customised to change the field title on the front end to gather other information. This field cannot be mandatory.

You also have some options to change default settings within the Auctioneer settings area. Click here to see how to edit your Auctioneer settings.

Additionally there are many configuration options available depending on the configuration of the software. You can find out more in our technical documentation by clicking here.

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