We aim to keep things smooth while you get to grips with our software. Below are the steps to successfully on-board with us. If you have any queries at any point, please contact your Sales Adviser or the support team on [email protected].


Step 1: Demo, Contract and Basic Info

Step 2: Training and Further Info

Step 3: Post-Training

Step 4: Launch


Step 1: Demo, Contract and Basic Information

  • First, you will receive a demo, in which we will answer any questions you may have. You may also have follow up calls or demonstrations of particular areas depending on your needs

  • You may install the demonstration software onto your website and try out any customisation

  • You will then sign a contract

  • When you first get started with us, you will be required to supply us with the information we need to create your software instance. You will usually be emailed this form, however if you have not yet completed it, please Click Here.

Step 2: Training and Further Information

  • Please make sure you have filled in our on-boarding form: Click Here to Complete the Form. This is vital and we cannot get you on-boarded without this.

  • We can offer training for a fee in some circumstances, otherwise, you can use our self-teach guide to get going with our software.

  • We will then supply you with your production endpoints. We strongly recommend you do not carry out any testing using your production software - this should be for live auctions only.

  • Once you've installed the production software, you create any required accounts using Create Account, let us know when you're done and we grant you admin access

  • At this point you will need to provide us with the following additional information, which can be submitted in the following forms:

  • We can provide you with DKIM and SPF settings to help ensure deliverability of emails and sender identification. These settings will need to be applied to your DNS.

  • Here is an explanation of the information we need:

    • Your Terms & Conditions (this can be a link if you have them displayed already online) - this is sitewide terms and conditions that are displayed when a user creates an account and can be seen when the user requests approval to bid on an auction. It is also shown on the sidebar of all auctions.

    • Privacy Policy (this can be a link if you have them displayed already online) - This displays when a user creates an account

    • Any auction-specific Terms & Conditions - this displays in the Essential Information section of auctions and when a user requests approval to bid on an auction.

    • Collection and Payment details - These details display in the Essential Information section of an auction, as follows:

    • List of categories - You cannot add items without selecting a category. Admins are not able to add their own categories. Please supply us a list of categories in the format Parent Category > Child Subcategory. Until we receive these from you, categories will default to our demonstration details. e.g. Parent: Furniture, Child: Table, Lamp, Chair, etc.

    • Any content changes you wish to be done - Please take a good look around the demonstration site (or your own site if you have installed the demo software). Most text/buttons/page content can be changed to suit your needs. For example, you can change the text in many places on most pages.
      If you have a particular content change request, please let us know by sending a screenshot of the area and sending us the exact replacement text to [email protected].
      You can also change the text in most emails that are automatically generated by the system. You can find the default email text in the attached documents (please leave any substitution keys or html as they are). You can choose to download either just timed emails or webcast and timed emails according to your needs.
      If you wish to make changes to any emails, please download the attached file(s), change the text, save it and return it to us at [email protected]

    • Auto-increment table - If you use an increment table for your auctions, please download the attached increment table builder, complete it and return it to [email protected].

    • (WEBCAST ONLY) OpenTok key and secret to be able to stream video during live webcasts - You can find more information about setting up TokBox in our TokBox help document. This is only applicable for clients who will be using a streaming service with their live auctions. *** Please note that there is a cost involved with using video streaming. See the TokBox (Vonage) pricing page for details or ask us on [email protected] for more information. ***

    • Additional settings can be applied to your software. Please see our document around Optional Settings.

Step 3: Help Documentation

We have comprehensive help documentation available. Click here for our self-teach and refresher guide, whenever you need it or you can find all our documentation by clicking here.

Step 4: Launch

  • By this time we should have a good idea of your launch date. If there are any changes to this date, please keep us informed.


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