When an Item has been withdrawn prior to the Webcast starting this will prevent the auction from finishing in a normal way. The item's status must be changed in order to remove the sale from the public site's Auction Calendar page.
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There are two ways to rectify Withdrawn Items, as shown below:

  • Webcast Console Method

  • Edit Items Method

Webcast Console Method

  • Look at the lot numbers of the items still publicly visible in the Auction Details page.

  • Go to the auction's Webcast Console and search for the lot number in the Find Item box, within the Lot Listing tab - See Find Item being used to search for Lot 187 highlighted in yellow below:

  • Next Click on Re-Offer to send the withdrawn item back into the ring and then click Pass and Next

  • The Item will now show as Passed in the Lot Listing tab (see image below).

  • Once all withdrawn items have been passed, the auction will disappear from public view

Edit Items Method

  • Go to the Items screen of the Auction and filter for the Withdrawn Items.

  • You can do this by clicking on Filter button, found in the top left of the Items screen for that auction, tick the Withdrawn box under Open Items and click Apply.

  • Click Reinstate > Confirm (using the top grey buttons for updating multiple items or using the blue button in the Actions column for individual lots)

  • The Item's status is automatically converted to DRAFT status

  • Next, Click Withdraw

  • The item is now removed from the front end Auction Calendar page - as it should be.

    Please Note

    The Auction Calendar page may have to be refreshed to see this change

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