• Ask the Vendor to create an user account on your auction website

  • Contact your account manager with the username of your Vendor and the name of the Vendor in your system you wish them to have access to

  • Your account manager will then activate My Sales for your vendor

    For Account managers:

  • In the auction management screen go to Users & Groups > filter by the username > go to the Roles & Privileges tab

  • Tick Public Vendor Administrator and click Save Roles and Privileges

  • The user will then need to be associated to the relevant Vendor

  • Go to Users & Groups > Vendors

  • Click on the relevant Administrator list dropdown and select New Administrator

  • Enter the required username and click Confirm

  • Your Vendor will now see a My Sales link when they log into your site. This will hold all the information for the items that you have tagged using that Vendor when creating items. An example of how this might be implemented is shown below:

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