We recommend to start your Webcast stream prior to the webcast start time to check that everything is working as it should.

  • Start your webcast

  • Send the first item into the ring

  • Send an Item Message/Announcement to the Internet bidders either as a Standard or Pop-up message (see below - Standard messages are probably best as they will stay visible until the item is either sold or passed.)

    • Suggested text: Auction will start at 10:00 AM GMT.

  • Click Pause Bidding on the webcast console to pause bidding before the webcast begins. This allows users to login and register while the feed is being shown and the start time is announced with the item message.

  • The item message will disappear once the first item is sold.

Please Note

Sending the first item to the auction with an announcement means the LOGIN and REGISTER buttons will be visible. If you do not send an item or announcement to bidders, they will not be able to login/register again until the first item is in play.

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