• Access the Webcast screen

  • When the auction is in its initial state - and there is no item already in the ring - each item in the right hand panel will have a Send button

  • Under the lot listing tab, Click the Send button to add the required item in to the ring

When an auction is in progress - and there is an item in the ring - there are different ways you can place the next item in the ring

  • Click Pass and Next - This will 'Pass' the current item in the ring and place the sequentially next item in the ring

    Note: Any 'Passed' items will show as Suspended in the Bid Table and will need to be Withdrawn before the auction can be fully reconciled

2. Click Sell to sell the current item in the ring, the button will then automatically change to Next, click this to place the next item into the Ring

  • If the item has been bid on - the lot will show as SOLD in the Lot Listing window (see image below)

  • If the item has not been bid on - The lot will be removed from the front end view but will not display as SOLD in the Lot Listing window

  • The item can be re-offered at a later time by clicking the blue Re-Offer button

If there is already an item in the ring and you want to change to a different item

  • Click Remove From Sale > select the next item you want to place in the ring by clicking the Send button again from the lot listing window

  • Once Remove From Sale has been clicked the End User will see that there are no items currently in the ring and only the upcoming lot list will show for them.

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