• You will need to first ensure that your account has 'Reserve Bidder' rights set.
    user fionabpm has reserve bidder rights below

Please Note

If your User does not have Reserve Bidder Status then floor bids will show under your own username.
Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Placing Floor Bids

  • Access the Webcast screen

  • Send an item into the Webcast Ring

  • Click the Bid button to place a bid for the room -

    The Bid button will always follow the Automatic Increments set at an Auctioneer level


  • Click Floor Bid to convert / overrule an Internet bid into a Floor bid

Please Note

If an Internet bid is overruled by the Webcast Floor Bid button the user will see a Popup message in the front end confirming this (see below).
The next bidding increment will be automatically populated to allow the online bidder to outbid the floor

  • Double click on any amount listed in the Bid and Increment table to place a Floor bid for that amount

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