Keyboard Shortcuts and Tips for Clerking a Webcast
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Place bid

  • Click on Bid button

  • Hitting return when the cursor is in the Hammer box or Asking Price box

  • Pressing B on the keyboard

  • You can also place a bid by double clicking on the increment value, this will place a bid equal to the current highest bid+increment amount the admin clerk has clicked

  • You can change the incremental value manually by choosing a pre-set increment in the Increments: table and clicking the Manual Incr. box

  • Or manually entering an increment value in the Add Increment: box and hitting return

Undo bid

  • Click Undo Bid button

  • Pressing U on the keyboard.

Remove From Sale

  • This button removes the current Item from the sales ring/floor

  • The item can easily be put back into the ring by clicking Send - All previous bidding on the item will remain unchanged

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