• An internet bidder can place a Commission Bid (Also known as an Autobid or a Max Bid) on an item - either in the ring or in the pending list

  • Once a User successfully places a commission bid they will receive the following popup message on their screen:

  • All commission bids are displayed in an orange list below the Webcast Bidding Table - as long as it is a valid amount that is currently above the hammer price

  • Each commission bid listed in orange will have a small green Bid button for ease of clerking

  • To place a commission bid, press the large orange bar just above the other green bidding buttons.

Please Note

Once the online commission bid falls below the Hammer price the Orange Commission Bid buttons are instantly removed from the Webcast console

  • The highest commission bid placed is shown in a larger Orange Commission Bid Bar (just above the main Green bidding buttons)

  • The rule for the Bid Bar is that, if you had two commission bids, the Bid Bar button would show the highest commission bid that's not winning AND is higher or equal to the asking price - ready to be clicked and a new bid placed

  • This enables the Clerk to easily place bids for the two highest commission bids, against each other

Please Note

If a bid is placed for the room the Bid Bar will default back to the highest placed commission bid.

If you want to bid for an alternative commission bid, click the small green Bid button - next to each available commission bid in the list

Screenshot below of the Webcast admin console - Two commission bidders (fionabpm and ad) are both bidding against each other:

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