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How to Approve and Send an Invoice
How to Approve and Send an Invoice
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An invoice must be approved before it can be sent to a user. To Approve an invoice:

  • Find your invoices

  • In the Actions column, click Ready to Approve (if the invoice is in Draft status). You will see the following alert:


  • Click Approve in the Actions column

  • Click Approve again on the popup dialogue

  • The invoice's status changes from Awaiting approval to Approved.

  • The invoice is now ready to be sent.

Send an Invoice

NOTE: Note available for BidJS customers.

  • The invoice must be Approved to be sent to a user

  • Once approved, click Send to Buyer in the Actions column to send an email to the user

  • This email contains a link to login to the My Invoices section of the public site

  • The invoice itself is made visible on the My Invoices section for that user

  • A tick box will appear in the Sent column for the respective invoice

  • If the invoice has already been sent to the user, the button is updated to say Re-Send to Buyer. This will send the user the email containing the link again.

  • You can also see if your user has viewed the invoice by looking at the Viewed column.

Send an Invoice (BidJS Customers)

  • Click View to open the invoice

  • Click Print

  • Select Save as PDF

  • Send the PDF invoice to a user via email (separate to the Bidlogix software).

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