How to Cancel a Bid
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Here is how to cancel a bid:

Suspend an Item

  • In order to Delete a bid, the item(s) must first be suspended.

  • Go to Auctions & Items and click on the Bid Table button in the Action column for the relevant auction

  • Click on the LIVE text status > Confirm to Suspend the item - see image below. The Status will change to SUSPENDED.

View and Cancel bids

  • Click on the blue link found in the Bid/Offer/Auto column to expand the bids for that item

  • Click cancel on the bid you wish to remove

  • You will be taken to a screen to configure an email to the Cancelled Bidder and the Under-Bidder, which can be edited at this point

  • Set how long you wish to extend Bidding by in the Extended Bidding drop down - enter '0' if no bidding extension is desired

  • Click Confirm and Send Emails

  • Click on the SUSPENDED link > Confirm to put the item back to LIVE and viewable in the public site - see image below

Privileges Required

You need to have the Management role in order to delete/cancel bids. Please email [email protected] for assistance.

Please Note

If the item is already closed, you'll need to change the status of the item from the item list then head back to the bid table to cancel the bid. Don't forget to put the item back afterwards.

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