How to Cancel an Autobid
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  • You need to Suspend an item in order to cancel an Autobid on the bid table - Note: This is not possible while the item is 'In-play' during a Webcast auction.

  • Go to Auctions & Items > View Auctions screen and click on the relevant Bid Table button for the particular auction


  • Go to Auctions & Items > View Auctions > Click on the Auction Title

  • Select the Items button in the top right Menu Bar - This will allow you to view all Items for the auction and the Filter can be used to locate the specific item

  • Click on the Bid Table button in the Actions column menu

  • Find the relevant item and click the LIVE link in the Status column and select Confirm to Suspend the item > Close. The Item's status is now Suspended

  • Click on the Bid/Offer/Auto link to open the bids on an item

  • Click on the disable link to cancel the Autobid

  • You will then be put through to the Cancelled Bidder Email screen where the email template can be edited before sending

  • Click Confirm and Send Email. The user will then get a Cancelled Bidder Email to confirm their bid is cancelled

  • To reinstate the Item to LIVE Status simply click on the SUSPENDED link and click Confirm > Close
    Note: In rare occasions the End User may have to refresh the Auction page to see the reinstated LIVE item.

If you do not have access to cancel an Autobid, please email [email protected]

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