Here is how to activate a user:

Please Note: You must verify the user's email address outside of our software before activating their account.

Once activated you can not deactivate an account.

If you are not able to make the edits you require, contact Bidlogix on [email protected] or your local contact.

  • When a users creates an account, they will receive an email containing an activation link. If they have been through this process you will see Yes next to the Account Activated? field within the User's Edit tab.

  • If they have not completed this step you will see a checkbox where you can activate the account for them (see image below).

To Activate an account:

  • Log into the administration area

  • Select Users & Groups > Users from the menu bar drop down

  • View the user

  • Click on the username

  • Click the Edit tab

  • Tick the Account Activated? box

  • In the audit box that appears tick "Activating the account because" and type the reason you are activating the user. We recommend you confirm receipt of an email from the user in this box for future reference.

  • Click Save.

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