How to View Users
Written by Day Tring
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  • Log into the administration area.

  • Select Users & Groups then Users from the top menu bar.

  • This view will default to users who have created accounts in the last week.

    • To change this, click Modify Filter in the top left hand corner

    • Use the red crosses next to fields to clear that criteria

    • Enter your required filter criteria and select Apply to retrieve your desired results

  • You use this filter to search for Users by Name (first name and / or surname) / Username / Email / Company or by Date.

  • Once you have filtered your list and found the user you are looking for you can click on their username to see the full summary of their information.

  • If the number of records for a particular filter exceeds 1000 then a warning is displayed at the top of the screen indicating that "Only the first 'X' results have been displayed".

  • To view all registered users remove all filters, click Apply, wait for the results to load then select Export All Activated Users. The .csv file will be downloaded.

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