How to Red Flag a User
Written by Day Tring
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Red flagging a user allows the auctioneer to highlight potentially problematic users to other administrators in their organisation.

Note: Red flagging a user does not prevent them from performing any actions on the site. You can lock and suspend users to affect their participation rights

Steps to follow to red flag a user:

  • Log into the administration area

  • Select Users & Groups > Users from the menu bar drop down

  • View the user

  • Click on the username

  • Click the Edit tab

  • Tick the Red Flag box (see image below)

  • In the box that appears type in the reason why you are red flagging the user

  • Click Save


  • Select Users & Groups > Users from the menu bar drop down

  • Modify the Filter to find the User

  • Click on the '+' button within the Red Flag column for the user (see image below)

  • Enter the reason for Red Flagging the user in the audit dialogue box

  • Click Save

  • The Red Flag icon

    will now display against their account on any screen that displays their information, such as the Registrants or Invoices screen for an auction.

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