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How to View a User's Auction Associations
How to View a User's Auction Associations
Written by Day Tring
Updated over a week ago

You are able to view the list of all the auctions an individual user has registered for.

From this list you are also able to see which of your Auctioneers the auction belongs to, the Auction Status, Registration Date, Registration Status, their Spending Limit and complete several actions for that user.

Steps to Follow:

  • Log into the administration area

  • Select Users & Groups > Users from the menu bar drop down

  • View the user

  • Click on their username

  • Click on the Auctions tab

  • View the full list of auctions the user is registered to for your auctioneers. Note that auctions appear in the list even if the user is still Pending approval.

  • The Actions column allows you to manage the registration in the same way you would from the Registrants screen


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