How to Delete an Item Image
Written by Day Tring
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  • Go to the Back End admin - Auctions & Items > View Auctions

  • Go to the items section of the correct auction

  • Search for the item you wish to delete the image for and tick the pertinent box for editing

Note: You can only edit an item that is in DRAFT status - If an Item has already been set to LIVE / PREVIEW status you will need to select (tick) the relevant item and click Draft > Confirm

  • Then click on Bulk Edit as below

  • Once you are in the Bulk Edit screen, scroll to the right and click the 'picture' link found in the Attachments column (see below)

  • In the pop-up box that appears, click on the Images tab

  • You can then choose to delete individual images by clicking on the 'x' button (top right of image) and then Save


  • Highlight the images you want to delete, click Delete All Images and then Save

  • Click Save and Finish

  • The item will now be in PREVIEW state - you will need Approve the item to return to LIVE status

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