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Edit Items Using Export/Upload Feature
Edit Items Using Export/Upload Feature
Written by Day Tring
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Please view this video to see how to edit content using the upload/export method:

The text for items can be edited by exporting to a spreadsheet, making your changes, and uploading the spreadsheet again. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Login to admin

2. Go to Content > Upload/Export Item Content

3. Under the Export heading, choose the auction and language to export from. This will export a spreadsheet containing information (title, summary and description) about all your current items within that auction.

4. Make any necessary changes to the lots' text in the spreadsheet and save it, ensuring it is saved with UTF-8.

5. Go back to the Upload/Export Item Content page.

6. Under the Upload section, select the Auction and Language, and keep Abort Upload on Error ticked. Select your altered spreadsheet and click Upload Item Content.

Please Note

Editing items in this way can cause problems if not done properly. Any lot that is re-uploaded will be affected, so if not all items are to be edited, remove them from the list.
We strongly recommend users test this method out before applying it to a live auction.

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