How to Hide Items
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As of the December 2019 release, unsold items will be shown in the archived/past auctions list by default. This enables users to find unsold lots and make offers on them outside of the auction software.

Items can be hidden while the items are either live or when the items have closed, as described below. If the auction has been reconciled it is not possible to hide items.

If the items are in LIVE status:

In order to prevent this and stop unsold items showing publicly after reconciliation, please use the following instructions, which must be completed before reconciliation:

  • Navigate to the item list for the given auction

  • Tick the box next to the title of the item you wish to hide and click Withdraw

  • With the item still selected, click the grey Hide button

  • Finally, complete the reconciliation of the sale.

Please note: It is not possible to change the Withdrawn state of an item once the auction has been reconciled, but it can still be hidden.

If the items are closed (but not reconciled):

  • Wait for the item(s) to close

  • Use the tickbox(es) to select the item(s) you want to hide

  • Click the grey Hide button

  • See the status of items change to Pink, as follows:

  • Reconcile the auction if required

If the items are closed and reconciled

It is not possible to hide items where the auction has been reconciled. Please ensure you hide any items before the auction is reconciled.

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