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**Not yet available in V4**

What is the Transfer Purchase Option?

The TRANSFER purchase option has been developed specifically to be used for Internal Redeployment sites. The functionality is similar to that of a Buy Now purchase option, i.e. a user can purchase an item without having their offer/purchase accepted or approved by an admin, instead users 'purchase' the Transfer item without having to enter a monetary value.

Please Note

The Transfer purchase option is only valid for the item type Listing. It can be used in both Auctions and/or the Marketplace.

How to Create a Transfer Item

To create a transfer item:

  • Create an item with item type Listing, either one-by-one or in bulk.

  • Select Purchase option of type Transfer.

  • If you wish for a price to be displayed alongside the purchase option of Transfer, please enter a price into the Display Price field for this Listing. You can also use the Summary field for this.

Front End Use

As per all other sites, before a user can execute a TRANSFER purchase of an item they must first be registered and approved for that Sale / Marketplace.

Once the user is approved the Transfer button for the items within that sale will be enabled and can be clicked (1). Users will then see a Modal window that contains About Transfer information as well as the option to Proceed or Cancel (Close) the transaction (2). If the user selects to Proceed they will then be asked to confirm the transfer by clicking Submit (3), which will then change to a message of Confirmation (4) (see images below).


Once Transfer for an Item has been executed the successful user will see the Lot Box clearly showing they have requested a transfer of the item. The Transfer button will automatically be removed for all users and replaced with a View Similar Items button, which when clicked shows users all other items listed under the same category ID (see image below).

For Admin Use

Transfer Items will appear in both the Bid Table and Offer table for that particular Sale or Marketplace.

To access the successful user's contact information users can either:

Export a CSV file from the Bid Table by clicking Export Bid Table (see image below)

Click on the User's hyperlinked Username within the Offer table (see image below)

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