How to Upload Translations for Items
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This document explains how to download existing auction item information, edit it and re-upload it. This is predominantly used for translating item information into other languages but, in certain circumstances, can be used to edit items in their original language. We highly recommend you contact [email protected] before proceeding with this type of edit, especially if this is your first edit or if you have not performed this action for a long time.

Please note that allowing translated content depends on your setup. If you are not able to upload into other languages, your setup may not have translations enabled. Contact us on [email protected] for assistance.

Exporting Item Content

As the above suggests, this type of edit can only be done on existing items so firstly, the item information must be exported.

You must also ensure that you have the correct permissions in place. If you cannot see the options listed below, please contact [email protected].

To export item content:

  • Navigate to the Export/Upload Item Content screen.

  • Click on Content > Upload/Export Item Content

  • Select the Auction from the Select an Auction... drop down menu

  • Select the Language to Export the items in

  • Click Export Item Content

  • Choose where your export will be saved to (if you are not asked, it will save to your default location - usually the Downloads folder).

Editing Item Content

Locate the document in your saved files and open it using Excel, Libra Office, etc.

Edit the document as usual, making sure to save in the original UTF-8 format. The item information you can edit is:

  • Title

  • Summary

  • Description

Please Note

Do Not edit the lot numbers. This will disassociate your lots and edit the information for the lot number you have stated in the Lot Number column of the export. If you wish to change at item's lot number, do so by editing it.

Also, Do Not edit the First row of the document. This will cause an error when re-uploading the information.

You can upload as many or as few items you wish. Any Items that you do not wish to be edited by the upload must be deleted from the file prior to uploading, otherwise the data for these items will be overwritten.

Editing Auction Information

You can use this method to edit the Auction title, description and summary if required. This should only be used for translations. If you wish to edit an auction's information in the same language.

If you do not wish to edit the Auction information, please delete the second row of the download.

Uploading Item Content

Before uploading the saved CSV file it must be formatted and saved as a UTF-8 encoded CSV text file, otherwise the characters may be displayed incorrectly in the front end, public site.

To upload the new item content:

  • Go to Content > Upload/Export Item Content

  • In the Upload section, choose the correct auction from the Select an Auction... drop down menu.

  • Select the language to upload in.

    • If you are uploading a translation, make sure you pick the new language you are uploading in

    • If you are uploading an edit of the original text, make sure you pick the original language

  • Always ensure Abort upload on error: is ticked - If the 'Abort upload on error' option is selected the upload will be stopped and no content updated if any errors are discovered in the file.

  • Select your Upload file by clicking Choose File, browse your folders, highlight the file and click Open.

  • Click Upload Item Content.

  • When an upload is attempted the screen will display details of any errors, if found. It will also show the number of valid lines of data loaded.

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