Please Note: The Multi-Item type is not currently supported. If you wish to use this feature, you do so with the knowledge that the behaviour may be unpredictable and we are not able to provide support on any issues you experience.

In summary, using the Item Type of multi-item allows you to sell partial lots i.e. if you have a large quantity of an item, you can sell it as one lot but receive offers on some or all of the items within that lot.

There are some issues you may encounter when using this item type due to the fact that it is not supported. If you wish to use it anyway, some more major potential issues you will experience are outlined below:

  • As a bidder, clicking "offer includes shipping" will display "page not found" and a server error, and crash the interaction:

  • When entering an item in the back-end, you will be able to select various item types such as Make Offer and Buy Now. These options do not have any affect as multi-items will always appear as Make Offer items

  • The "make offer" button disappears according to the "Purchase Option Cut-Off" setting at the auction level. This means that at least 1 day before the item's end date, the Make Offer button will disappear and users will not be able to make further offers.

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