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How to Edit Items During Webcast Pre-Bidding (before the webcast is live)

  • Go to your Auction

  • Press the Items button in the top right hand corner

  • Select the tickbox next to the items you wish to change and press the Draft button at the top of the list.

    • Note that this will temporarily remove items from the website

  • Make sure the items are still selected and press the Bulk Edit button at the top.

  • Change the items as required

  • To change multiple items simultaneously, tick the box next to those items and press Group Edit.

  • From the pop-up menu, tick the box next to the field you wish to change for all selected items. Fill in the ticked field(s) and press Save.

  • Press Save and Finish.

  • Your Item(s) will now be LIVE again on the website.

How to Edit Items During a Live Webcast

  • You cannot suspend, withdraw or draft an item while it is in play / in the ring.

    • If you try to do this, you will see an error message at the top of the screen.

  • You must pass an item / remove an item from sale on the auction window before it can be changed to draft on the back end.

  • Once the item is not in play, follow the instructions above.

How to Edit Timed Auction Items

  • See above section on editing items during webcast pre-bidding.

  • Note that Save and Finish will set the items to PREVIEW. They must then be made LIVE by selecting all items and clicking Approve.

Important Information

  • If you put items into Draft mode but do not Bulk Edit > Save and Finish them, you must select all the items and Validate them using the Validate button at the top of the page, before pressing Approve.

  • You can only Group Edit up to 450 items at a time.

  • To select multiple items from a list, check the box next to the first item you wish to select, scroll down to the last item you wish to select and press Shift while clicking in the check box of that last item. This will select all items in between.

  • You cannot edit an item type after you convert the item.

  • If your item has errors in any of the fields, you will not be able to Save or Convert the item.

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