Here is how to bulk upload items using a CSV file:

Please Note: All files must be uploaded in UTF-8 Format to avoid errors.

Please Note: You can use the Download an empty upload spreadsheet link to get a blank spreadsheet with the correct column format (see image below)

  • Select Auctions & Items and click Create New items from the menu bar

  • Select the auction from the Select an Auction... dropdown that you want to add the items to

  • Click Choose File and browse for your CSV file, then select Upload Items

Note: The downloaded empty upload sheet will Automatically be in UTF-8 format. Do not change this format! All uploaded files must be in UTF-8 format.

Note: You cannot upload more than 1000 items at a time.

Ideally you would create two auctions (for example: Day1 auction, Day 2 auction)

You then need to split the files and ensure you have the top two pre-set lines at the top of each CSV file before upload

See item upload template below:

Note: There is a limit of 255 characters for item titles.

Validation Check of Webcast auction after upload

Note : As a sanity check, at least a day before a Webcast auction begins, make sure you can open the Webcast admin console and can see the lots listed on the lot listing window as below.

If you cannot view your lots here, it means you have an issue with the item upload file or CSV file.You may need to contact [email protected] in order to resolve this.

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