Here is how to create items individually:

There are two ways to create items in the Bidlogix system

  • You can create them one by one directly on to the auction, or

  • You can bulk create items by completing a CSV file and uploading that to the auction

Note that when you create items, they are first put into a Ghost state until they are converted.

Creating Items One by One

  • Log into the administration area

  • View your auction

  • Click on the auction name

  • Select Create New Items from the menu in the top right of the screen


  • Select the Auctions & Items drop down and click Create New Items from the menu bar

  • Select the auction from the dropdown that you want to add the items to

  • Click Start Creating Items

  • Enter your items (please note that item titles have a character limit of 255 characters. There is no limit for summary and description)

  • This form saves automatically each time you click out of a cell, so don't worry about losing your changes if you navigate away or lose your connection

  • If you have entered something incorrectly the system will highlight the field in red and mark the row with a red marker on the left hand side

  • To edit this simply click in the field and make the required change. A warning triangle will show and you can roll over this for an explanation of what is incorrect

  • The following fields in red below must be filled out - Title, Category, Vendor, End date, End time, Bid Increment (Bid Increment is only applicable if Items are set as 'Lots') Note: Default Auto/Dynamic bidding increments for Timed Auctions are set up at Auctioneer level.

  • Text that has been pre-completed from the auction defaults (set at an Auctioneer level) will show in grey. You can make changes to this text if required, which will then show in black

  • Because this is a wide screen there is an icon (two arrows on the right of the screen) enabling you to quick scroll to the other side of the form

  • When you have completed adding your items you can now Convert them to Preview status. To do this select the items you wish to convert and click Convert. Any items that you do not convert will be left in this screen which you can come back to at any time.

  • To select all items tick the top left box in the Item table headings

  • If you are unable to click on the Convert button it means that your items are not ready to be converted and there is still some data that needs adding or correcting

Once an item is in Preview status it must be Approved to convert into Live Status

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