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How to Create a Mailshot/Email List for an Auction
How to Create a Mailshot/Email List for an Auction
Written by Day Tring
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It is possible to export a list of users who have opted into receiving marketing emails about the topics relating to a given auction. When a users signs up for an account and opts-in to receive marketing data they will be asked which categories they are interested in. When you create items in the system, each item will be assigned to a category. This export will cross-reference the categories of all the items within the auction against any users that have chosen to receive marketing emails about these categories.

Here's how to export a targeted marketing list:

Log into the admin and select View Auctions from the Auctions & Items dropdown menu. In the action column for the auction you wish to create the list for select Marketing Data. (Please note that if this action button does not appear, please contact support who will enable this for you.)

When you click Marketing Data, you will be presented with a list of the categories that are referenced within this auction, along with a few examples of users who have opted-in for these categories, as follows:

Next, click on Create Marketing List and from the pop-up, choose where to save the file.

This is it for the Bidlogix part! What happens next depends on your chosen mailout tool. If you are using Mailchimp, for example, you may need to edit the columns that are included before uploading and you may need to do some set up in Mailchimp first in terms of tags, audience, lists, etc. You can find more information here about how to upload contacts to Mailchimp: If you need further assistance with uploading to your chosen platform, please contact the platform's support team.


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