Timed Auctions

The start time of auctions can be delayed such that an auction can appear live and allow registration before bidding starts.

Timed auction bidding can be delayed by following these instructions:

  • Create a Timed or Webcast Auction

  • Navigate to the Dates tab

  • Ensure that the Start Date reflects when you want the bidding to start

  • Note that the auction will be Live and publicly visible as soon as the auction and items are approved and therefore in LIVE status.

Webcast Auctions (BidJS AWS Only)

Please note that non-BidJS AWS users cannot prohibit pre-bidding for Webcast.

Webcast pre-bidding can be prohibited by using the appropriate tick box in the auction setting, as follows:

  • Create a Timed or Webcast Auction

  • Navigate to the Dates tab

  • Tick the Enable Webcast Pre-bidding box to enable pre-bidding, or leave it un-ticked to prohibit pre-bidding

This allows you to display auction items before bidding can start. The auction will appear as live on the public site as soon as you have set your auction to LIVE and approved the items so that they are LIVE too. The auction start time defines when those items can start receiving bids.

Pre-Bidding/Bidding Start Time FAQs

Q: Can users still register if bidding is not yet allowed?

A: Yes - users can still register before bidding is allowed

Q: What will it look like?

A: When bidding is not allowed, the bid buttons will be disabled.

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