Sealed Bid/Blind Bid/Negotiated Sale/Private Treaty auctions are a type of auction that do not allow bidders to know what others have bid. It is possible to run a sealed bid auction in bidlogix by using a combination of settings for items and auctions.

This document covers the following areas of setting up a Sealed Bid Auction:

  • Creating the Auction and Items

  • Extra Options

  • Accepting and Rejecting Offers

Creating the Auction and Items

  1. Create a Timed Auction

  2. Create items of type Listing and select Purchase Option of Make_Offer

Your item will appear as follows to the public:

Extra Options

You can add a purchase price. This will automatically reject offers made under this amount.

You can add a Display Price. This will display publicly as an Opening Bid amount, but will not have any affect on bids without a purchase price set.

You cannot use this type of item/purchase option to sell multiple items. Trying to put any figure into the Quantity field will return an error. You must leave this field blank.

Accepting and Rejecting Offers

By default, the number of offers allowed by a single user is 3. This includes automatically rejected offers. It is possible to change this but it is unlikely to be approved as it must be set at system level i.e. it will change the setting for everyone on that server (contact [email protected] for more information).

You can accept and reject offers at any time during the listing i.e. when it is live or after the listing has finished.

Once you have accepted an offer, depending on your settings, it may display "Number of Bids = 0". This will be displayed if you have the setting show number of bids turned on at auctioneer level, and if the item is still live or finished but the auction is still live. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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