What is the Marketplace?
Written by Day Tring
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When you first start using the bidlogix platform, you might notice an auction already in the system that has a red M symbol in a circle:

This is called the Marketplace.

The Marketplace behaves like a never-ending timed auction. You will notice that the end date and time for that auction is set to be the year 2118, which represents this never-ending state.

Items can be added into the Marketplace auction if you do not want to add them to a timed or webcast auction. This might be because and item did not sell in a previous auction, perhaps they are one-off items or maybe you just don't mind about grouping items together into an auction, for example.

You can set the end date/time for items within the auction so that they end when you want them to. But please do not change the end date of the Marketplace itself as this will affect its behaviour and need to be reset.

When items are added to the marketplace, they are listed by their category rather than grouped by date as in a normal auction. When you click on the desired category, you will be presented with a list of the items within that category sorted by the date they close. (You can see this in action by visiting our demo site at www.bidjs.com/demo/#!/ and going to the Marketplace tab)

You can use the usual options for marketplace items that you would usually see available for timed auction items, such as:

  • Lot or listing

  • Make Offer / Buy Now / Bidding only

  • etc.

Please note that if you only use the Marketplace or would rather display the Marketplace by default on your website, you can do so as of BidJS V4. (Click here to see our installation documents for more information).

If you are unsure about how or whether to use the Marketplace or a regular timed auction, contact us on [email protected].


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