Here's how to create a webcast auction:

Text Instructions:

  • Login to Admin

  • From the Auctions & Items drop down menu select Create Webcast Auction

    General Settings

    • Give the auction a title (limited to 120 characters)

    • Give the auction a description (limited to 500 characters)

    • Select the auction currency (this will be used as the default for the items but can be changed for each item)

    • Enter the Buyers Premium percentage - (this will be used as the default for the items but can be changed for each item)

    • If you wish to display sales tax rates for your auction, tick the Required box and enter the amounts you wish to charge for Hammer Price, Buyers Premium and Charges (this will be used as the default for items but can be changes for each item when creating/editing). If it is not required or you require different tax values for various items/buyers dependent on location, please untick the Required box and supply us with the blurb you with to display instead. The default content is 'Please Contact Auctioneer'.

    • Default Deposit and credit card auto-approval location are both deprecated at this time

    • Bidding Extension and Purchase Cut Off options are not applicable in Webcast auctions

    Auction Logo

    • To add an auction logo, click on the Logo tab, then either drag and drop the image or click Choose Files... and select the image you wish to use as the auction logo.

  • Dates

    • Select the timezone the auction is in

    • For Webcast auctions you must input the start date and time of the auction - This is the time it changes from pre-bidding to the Live auction starting

    • Select if viewing is by appointment or not. If viewing is by appointment only you can also specify the dates that are available for bidders to make appointments

    • Add in any additional comments you would like to show about viewing on the front end the website by entering them into the 'comments on viewing' section.

    • Select the start and end dates for clearance. If clearance does not apply leave these fields blank.

  • Location

    • Add in the address information for the auction

    • If you wish to show a map of the auction location to your bidders click on the Pin-point On Map button

    • You will then see a google map appear with an icon marking the location of the auction

    • To change the location drag and drop the icon to where you require it to be

  • Documents

    • To add a document (e.g. site health & safety regulations) Click on the Documents tab

    • Either drag and drop the file(s) into the box

    • Select Choose Files... and select the document(s) you wish to attach, click Open to select the document you wish to upload

    • In the box that then appears under the file title you can choose to enter a label for the document

    • To add another document click Choose Files... again or drag and drop a new file into the box (note that you can also add documents to items)

  • Contacts

    • Click the box next to the contact name to add them as contacts for the auction - if there are no contacts listed, you will need to add them first.

  • Supporting Content

    • To use your default templates for auction information leave the Use Auctioneer Content box at the top of the page ticked, unticking the box will allow you to edit the default for each piece of information just for this auction
      see below for sample with auctioneer content ticked

  • Saving

    • To save the auction click Save Auction at the top of the screen. This will put your auction into Preview status if all the required fields have been completed

    • If you have not completed all the fields an error message will alert you to what is missing

    • To save as a draft tick the Save as draft box and the select Save Auction - this allows you to save your progress without you having to enter in all the required information

  • Catalog Config

    • If the online auction is being hosted elsewhere and you are just creating a listing for it, you can tick Catalogue Auction? and add the details in the External Webpage URL box

    • To gather information about the click throughs that will then show up in your Analytics complete the sections under 'UTM Parameters'

    • An explanation of these fields can be found at

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