How to Login as an Admin
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Here's a quick video showing how to login to admin:

Please Note

Development of the admin site is only supported in the latest version of Chrome. You must ensure you are using Chrome for all features to work.

There are two different ways to access the admin area depending on your site setup.

You will have been notified during training which method to use, but if you are unsure please contact bidlogix on [email protected], or your local contact.

Log In Through the Public Site

  • Go to your auction homepage

  • Log in using your account details (username or email and password) for the website

  • Somewhere on your site (such as the nav bar at the top or perhaps a dropdown) you will see a link called Admin:

  • Click this link and you will be automatically navigated through to the login page for admin

  • Enter your details (the same as those you used to login initially)

  • If the details are entered correctly, you will arrive on the admin dashboard.

Please Note

If you do not see this link it could be that your site is not configured correctly or that you do not have admin access rights yet. Get in touch with [email protected] for more information.

Log In Through the Admin Site ( /auction-mgt in the URL)

Please Note

If your access is denied you may not have the correct privileges applied to your account and will need to contact bidlogix at [email protected], or your local contact.

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