How to Edit your Auctioneer Settings
Written by Day Tring
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As an admin, you are able to edit some settings that will apply to all your auctions by making changes to the Auctioneer settings.

These changes include:

  • Default currency, timezone and Buyer's Premium for your auctions

  • Ability to change registrant behaviour (e.g. auto-approval all or require spending limit, etc.)

  • Details that show for your auction, such as winning bid amount, number of bids, bid increments, etc.

  • Auctioneer contact address (which will be the optional default when creating an auction)

  • Financial details as displayed on your invoices

  • Which admins receive notifications

  • etc.

In order to edit your auctioneer, go to the Users & Groups tab and select Auctioneers:

Then, click the blue Edit button at the end of the row for your auctioneer:

If you have more than one auctioneer, make sure you switch auctioneer to the one who's details you want to change in the top right hand corner text bar. Then you will see the blue Edit button only next to the currently selected auctioneer.

Many fields have a tool tip that will help to explain what the field does and how it will affect your software. Hover over the yellow warning sign beside fields to see the hint information:


Please note that you will also see the following settings, which are currently deprecated and will therefore not have any effect for you:

  • Registrant approval based on location/credit card details

  • Change default deposit amounts and auto-request deposit from all registrants

  • Contact Details tab

  • Online Payments tab

  • Social Media tab

  • Number of Bids setting (deprecated for Marketplace only)

Please see subject specific documents for more information. If you would like any guidance on these changes and their impact, please contact us on [email protected].

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