Supported Browsers
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The BidJS admin supports the latest versions of Firefox, Edge and Safari but is only fully supported in the latest version of Chrome, particularly for running Webcast Auctions.

The current fully supported browsers for the public site are shown below.

Desktops / Laptops

Firefox - Latest Version

Chrome - Latest Version

Safari - Latest Version

Edge - Latest Version

Mobiles / Tablets

Firefox - Latest Version

Chrome - Latest Version

The following mobile browsers are, in the main, fully supported but may not have full functionality or correctly display the Webcast video stream, depending on their versions:



Samsung Native


How to check your Browser Version

Chrome: Open Google Chrome. Click on the 3 vertical dots menu icon. Go to Help from the dropdown list and select About Google Chrome. Click here to update Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge: Open Microsoft Edge. Click on the three horizontal dots menu icon. Click Settings and scroll down to the About section.

Firefox: Open Firefox. Click on Help in the menu bar or press Alt + H. In the drop-down menu, click on About Mozilla Firefox. Click here to update Firefox.

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