Uploading Categories
Written by Day Tring
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Please note: Categories are uploaded into the system by Bidlogix support, so please contact them on [email protected] with the categories in the format described below.

Categories are essential to successfully uploading your auctions into the software. For example when you are creating items you will need to input a category (either just the ID for bulk upload items, or the category title for adding individual items). This will appear as follows in your Item List:

Or as follows in the item Edit view:

It is very important to provide these to us in the correct format. This is to ensure that you can take advantage of features such as Filtering and Search. This is shown to the public when a user clicks in the Categories section of filters at the top of each auction:

It also appears within the Search page.

As such, please ensure that you send us your Categories in the following format:

Parent category : Child category

For example, you could send us the following list of categories to upload:

Once the categories are uploaded into the system, we will send you back a list of category IDs relating to those you have sent us. This will look something like the following:

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